Life is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Design your own journey

Meet Gerrie Barnes - a woman who has artfully designed her life with knowledge and experience gained through three successful careers – teaching, business, and horsemanship.

Now she's here to assist you with your puzzle pieces.

Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring

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"I’ve met so many people who have a missing piece – or pieces - in their lives or in their businesses, or people like me who are moving on to a new life or business chapter. Sometimes, being able to consult with someone who you trust and who has a lifetime of solid, successful experiences can result in a path or a project that can significantly improve your life or your business."

"My approach is non-judgmental and helpful. I ask questions that draw out the answers while really listening to you. I'll offer suggestions and options that will work for you.

No cookie cutter answers. My niche is to offer professional services at an affordable and accessible manner. Simple yet effective answers for the small business person, equestrian business owner and professional, or the recreational equestrian."

Contact me. Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring.

Economical. . . Straightforward. . . Customized
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