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What Is Business Coaching

I retired from full time employment when I was 47 years old - selling a successful business for just shy of $1 million. Can I help you do that? Maybe. It depends on you. And that’s what my business coaching is all about.

What is Business Coaching?

There are many definitions of coaching. At New Concepts, I use a broad definition of coaching to also include consulting and mentoring.

The International Coaching Federation defines Coaching as “a professional relationship that helps people and business bridge the gap between where a person or business is now and where they want to be.”

Where do we start?

You and I have an introductory session. You tell me what you’d like help with. With over 30 years of business experience and helping other small businesses, I’m quick to assess what the problem or goal is – and also provide suggestions on what other factors might be influencing your problem or goal.

Step 1 is Defining the Goal or Outcome

I use my experience and research and present you with information and choices. We talk about how feasible the choices are and what you are willing and prepared to accomplish. Sometimes it just takes one piece of the puzzle to re-direct a business toward success.

Step 2 is my job. Researching and Analyzing the pieces that best help you reach your goal or outcome.

An Action Plan is written just for you and your goal or outcome. No fluffy filler stuff. You and I review my suggestions and revise it as needed.

Step 3 is providing you with your customized Action Plan. Now your job starts.

Start with number one on your Action Plan and work your way down the list. If you have questions, contact me. I’ll contact your periodically to see how you’re doing.

Step 4 is your job. You have your missing puzzle pieces. Get them done. Check them off your list.

You and your business are on the way to a more successful, rewarding business!

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