Life is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

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Have a Problem or a Goal?

Sometimes it just takes one piece of the puzzle to re-direct a business toward success.
Other times there are a series of steps.

With almost 30 years of business experience, I can help you with questions, problems, or goals that you might have in a professional, knowledgeable capacity. I have successfully owned four business and helped many other small businesses.
Even though each small business is unique in many aspects, the problems that pop up are pretty predictable.

As I have worked with many different businesses it is typical that the surface problem is like the tip of the iceberg. Talking with someone you trust helps you dig deeper. Defining the whole problem is the first step. Solutions pretty easily present themselves once you know the entire problem. The solution shapes itself for you and your business based on the amount of personal energy, focus, and sometimes dollars that you are willing to commit to the solution.

Setting and reaching a goal has its own process. You’ve known some business people who shoot from the hip. They are always coming up with a new product, service, or goal. They get excited going down a new path. Sometimes they discover that the new path doesn’t fit at all with their established business. Money, energy, and time has been misdirected. Sometimes these bad choices result in signs reading, “We’re Closing Our Doors”.

Goal setting includes knowing and understanding the outcome of a goal. Talking with someone you trust can help you decide if the specific outcome blends with your business’s mission and other goals.

You’ll receive a written Action Plan. Your customized plan will be relatively short, specific, and easy-to-follow.

Case Study: Michael H owns a horse boarding service. His goal was to increase his business and his income. Taking into consideration the amount of money he had to spend along with the amount of time he could commit, I prepared a 5-point Action Plan for his business. It was to be completed in 2015-2016. Within the first 4 months, he had completed all 5 actions. His facility looks much more professional; he has added more pasture boarding in a well-designed area; he has improved other facility features; and he updated his website. He was proud of himself and his business is bringing in more boarders and more income.

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