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About Gerrie

Designated the 2012 Horseperson of the Year by the Colorado Horse Council, Gerrie Barnes is known for quality, integrity, professionalism, and leadership in the horse community. Recently she has been awarded the 2016 Riding Instructor of the Year by the Certified Horsemanship Association for her teaching, coaching, and mentoring skills. She is a Certified Riding Instructor by the Certified Horsemanship Association and an AQHA Professional Horseman.

With over 20 years of experience in the horse industry, she has owned two horse businesses, given clinics, demonstrations, and presentations. She is a presenter at Horse Expos and horse industry conferences. She was a judge for versatility ranch horse events specializing in Trail Class and Ranch Riding.

A riding accident in early 2016 left her needing to re-create herself. She closed a successful riding instruction business. Many students and industry professionals urged her to keep helping people in some capacity. Her third horse business, New Concepts Consulting, is designed to help riders, horse owners, and horse businesses with their questions, problems and goals in a professional, knowledgeable capacity.

Here’s Gerrie’s story:

“Throughout my business career, I’ve always felt strongly about meeting the specific needs of people and companies. I have never been a cookie-cutter, take-it-or-leave it type of person. I listen carefully to what people want and what they need and offer suggestions. That philosophy led my horse business to be more comprehensive than most riding instruction businesses.

I learned that 80% of horse owners in the United States are recreational riders. A good majority of those recreational riders are women. Many of those women are middle-aged with reduced family responsibilities. Some of these women had a dream of riding a horse and are starting mid-life. Other women rode when they were children and did not have the responsibilities of buying their own horse and paying for the ongoing expenses.

I was one of you! Unlike many other instructors and clinicians who grew up around horses, I began my involvement in horses as an adult, following the sale of a successful business. I knew nothing and had to learn everything. As I made my horse journey, I paid attention to what I was learning and what I needed to know. When I became a certified riding instructor and opened my first horse business, I didn’t simply offer riding instruction. I offered a comprehensive riding program aimed primarily at the adult rider.

1. Basics of Buying a Horse
2. Basics of Owning a Horse
3. Basics of Horse Care
4. Horse Instincts and Behavior
5. Riding Lessons

One of my approaches - “Riding the Horse’s Mind” - provides an understanding of the horse as a separate species. Understanding the horse’s natural flight and herd instincts provides the information that the rider can use to teach and motivate the horse, avoid behavioral and riding problems – resulting in more successful end goals. My adult riders were excited to find a program that provided the knowledge and experience to prepare them to confidently and safely mount and ride a 1,000-pound animal with a strong flight instinct.

I used the CHA 4-level program in riding lessons to advance the rider’s skill. Each rider learns the basic skills and advances to the next level – receiving a CHA Certificate for each Level completed.

As riders start to specialize in specific disciplines, I help them improve. Arena events, trail competitions, and recreational trail riding were specialties. However, balance, seat, use of riding aids, and other important riding techniques are universal to ALL disciplines and events.”

With New Concepts, I will continue helping riders and their horses by coaching, consulting, and mentoring. With instructors who wish to start a business or people who own other horse-related business, I can help you with questions, problems and goals in a professional, knowledgeable capacity.

We work online, video session, Facetime, by phone and text, or meeting – locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

New Concepts partners with you to design your own journey by analyzing a problem, situation, or desired outcome and helping provide a useful, effective path. This process is a collaboration between you and New Concepts. Sometimes it just takes one piece of the puzzle to re-direct you toward success. Other times there are a series of steps. But YOU control the outcome.

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