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Buying that Perfect Horse

New Concepts provides you with a Horse Hunting Checklist that will help you organize your search; avoid pitfalls; and assist you in buying a horse that is appropriate for you, your riding style, your experience level, and your event or discipline.

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In addition to reviewing the checklist, Gerrie will answer specific questions you might have about:

Depending upon the Horse Hunting Checklist review time and questions, your customized session might last 3 – 6 hours. Arrange for a private session for you, your family, or a small group – for this topic or any topic in the Horse Basics Series. Contact Gerrie to make arrangements.

New Concepts does not assist in the actual buying of a horse. We provide information in our Horse Basics Series to assist you in making the best decision for you and your circumstance.

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“I would have been part of the 60% of first time owners to give up in the first year had I not taken these classes. Instead I’m hoping it will be a lifetime experience.” --Karen A.

“Very thorough. You have thought of everything.” --Patt K.

“Covered everything and more. All material was excellent. Loved Gerrie’s enthusiasm.” --Jane C.

“Excellent, very useful information. Liked the anecdotes, examples and detail.” --Joanne T.