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Best Practices for Owning and Caring for Your Horse

Each horse owner comes from a different place of current knowledge when it comes to owning and caring for his or her horse. Sometimes finances influence the type of care. This session helps you know what you need for minimum quality care of your horse and other types of care that can be modified to meet your budget.

An Ownership Checklist is provided. An interactive discussion will answer your specific questions and provide information to help you maintain your horse in a healthy and safe manner.

Topics can include:

Each topic will include the approximate cost, which will help you estimate a monthly or annual cost of owning a horse.
  • Where to keep your horse
  • Hay/Feed
  • Wormers
  • Mineral/Salt Block
  • Annual Medical Exam
  • Spring Immunizations
  • Fall Immunizations
  • Horseshoeing & Hoof Care
  • Teeth Floating
  • Sheath Cleaning
  • Fly Spray
  • Health Certificate
  • Coggins Test
  • Colic
  • Horse Tack/People Tack
  • Horse Trailer, Insurance, Annual Tax
  • Horse Instincts
  • Common Horse Rules
  • Horse Training/People Training
  • Other specific questions

Depending upon the the session topics you would like to discuss and questions, your customized session might last 4 – 8 hours. Arrange for a private session for you, your family, or a small group – for this topic or any topic in the Horse Basics Series. Contact Gerrie to make arrangements.

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“Thank you for taking the mystery out of the process of buying & owning a horse. The best money I’ve spent.” --Jane W.

“Your clinics have really helped me as a first-time horse owner. I feel like a new mom with all kinds of questions. As I scan back over the materials you passed out, I get most of them answered. Again, thank you.” --Barb M.

“Thorough, detailed coverage of topics. Lots of interaction. Excellent.” --John C.