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Video Assessment

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This is an opportunity to have your riding assessed by a CHA-certified riding instructor who is also an AQHA Professional Horseman.

Many of my students have exclaimed in wonder, “How did you see that?” “It’s like you can see through my clothes.”

I don’t have any super powers, but I’ve had hours and hours, years and years of giving quality lessons to Western riders of different skill levels and events. Although each rider and horse is unique, there are several universal techniques and skills that affect good horsemanship.

When your horsemanship improves your relationship with your horse improves along with his or her way of going. Your horse gets softer and more responsive. These common denominators apply to ALL disciplines.

Once you start to specialize, whether it is arena work or outside riding, more factors come into play. I competed in and judged Versatility Ranch Horse. This 5-class event included an equitation class, a trail class, working cow horse, cutting, and conformation. The same horse and rider had to ride in all 5 classes.

When you ride so many different events you learn to sit and ride a horse differently to get different outcomes. You learn to manage your horse emotionally - greatly improve your overall horsemanship.

By video assessment I can provide you with invaluable instruction and suggestions. It is a simple process. All you have to do is video yourself riding and send it to me. The small investment in this form of video analysis with my trained eye and experience can save you years of frustration!

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