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My Story – Gerrie Barnes

Before Rodan and Fields my career took me from being a high school teacher to a successful business owner and finally to being a western riding instructor.

Drooping jowls and skin caught my attention whenever I looked in the mirror. I would stretch the skin on my face in the mirror and definitely saw that I was starting to age. For myself and for my business, I wanted to look as young as I felt.

I had a mini-face lift when I was 60-ish. I was really scared to have someone cutting on my face. The downtime – not going outside or to work – was a little over a week. Their procedure descriptions says that “You will be socially acceptable by two weeks.” They say that final results won’t be evident for 6 months.

The incision areas were tender, red, and puffy for about 9 months. I still have a bit of numbness at the base of my ears. It costs $8400.

When I moved to Houston in 2013 I started my horseback riding business, Progressive Horsemanship. I spent about 25 – 35 hours each week giving riding lessons in the direct sun with the humidity and sweat magnifying the sun damage to my skin. My wrinkles were getting really deep and brown spots were appearing on my face. I considered going to a plastic surgeon or a doctor-supervised aesthetics clinic. The cost, the down time, and my prior experience made me wonder if there was a less aggressive option. My daughter-in-law, MariLynne, introduced me to Rodan & Fields.

I started first with the Rodan & Fields REDEFINE regimen for anti-aging to soften the wrinkles. I was surprised that the regimen also made my skin really smooth and healthy looking. That was so successful that I moved on to the REVERSE Regimen to lighten my brown spots.

I’m having a lot of fun finding out about the other products that they have for specific areas that need improvement – like my 11’s.

Probably what impressed me the most was the AMP Roller. You roll it over your skin daily using their products. The tiny holes stimulate your natural collagen to fill in those holes. It also helps the products go deeper into your skin instead of sitting on the surface. The AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller utilizes stainless steel micro-exfoliating tips.

After a severe horse injury, I closed my horseback riding business. MariLynne was a consultant for Rodan & Fields and suggested that I consider becoming a consultant. I LOVED their products! What a great way to continue my financial freedom AND help people feel like their best versions of themselves.